Navigating investment and business growth opportunities in the emerging markets of Asia-Pacific region.
ADP Capital is a fund of funds and a startup accelerator, based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Singapore, that aims to catalyze innovative growth of Asia-Pacific, by creating business development and investment opportunities for global companies on local markets.

To facilitate the dialogue between global startups and investment funds and industry partners in South East Asia. ADP Capital is announcing its one-month startup roadshow and one-year business growth programs and invites all global startups to apply.
Discover opportunities in Asia-Pacific region for your company's growth and fundraising:
ADP Capital offers a one-month Startup Investment Roadshow and a one-year Business Growth Program that help global startups scale their business to the markets of Asia-Pacific (Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Taiwan, South Korea) and connect them to the regional industry partners and raise capital from local investors.

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Localization of the Services
Setting up a local company and bank account helps to increase the chance of investments. Local investors and funds have more trust in local companies or companies with regional presence. This will allow our clients to develop a higher level of business traction, therefore attracting more investors.

Each company will go through a highly personalized experience. Meetings are scheduled with the right funds and investors according to the customer's business field and area of interest.
Business Growth
Personalized business growth program for expansion to Asia-Pacific market including preparation of localized business development strategy, coaching and localization assistance by regional experts.

A full-time dedicated team who works closely with you. The team who takes care of your stay and provides advisory sessions, startup-specific activities, and assists in business development agreements and investments.
Coaching by Expert Committee
Our carefully selected team of industry-leading experts and partners understand the Asian market.

Knowing the interests and business style of the regional investors and funds as well as their preferences and investment portfolio increases the chances of raising funds.

Companies have access to our network of entrepreneurs, investors, business leaders and government representatives.
Investor & Fund Relations
As part of the program, a company will participate in meetings with various investment funds (including: AB Capital, AM Investment, Chapmans, PESB).

Investment funds and investors may be chosen based on matching of their investment portfolio and company's nature of business/project

ADP Capital offers a hybrid investment strategy that includes equity and tokenization. We validate projects with our carefully selected portfolio of professional investors and funds.
Events & Communities
We organize and participate in various events and conferences in order to meet and partner with the world's key blockchain professionals.

Our program provides vast opportunities for networking and finding partners in the Asia-Pacific region.
Exit Strategy
The range of exit strategies includes taking the company public through an initial public offering (IPO) or helping with M&A deals.
ADP Capital partner funds:
Chapmans invests in specific proven growth industries where the company has competitive subject matter expertise, knowledge and investor networks. All investments to have proven management and standout market opportunity with clear visibility to one or more exit options often contracted or event driven.
Pembangunan Ekuti
PESB is a private equity management company registered with the Securities Commission as an approved Venture Capital Management Company. At Pembangunan Ekuiti, SME Growth Accelerated Fund Sdn Bhd ("SME GAF") was established with the mandate to pool private equity funds of RM1.0 billion to provide investment opportunities in the accelerated growth of privately owned companies.
Modal Perdana
Modal Perdana invests through conventional methods and the more strategic approaches of carefully designed in-house funds and "fund of funds" with investment focus on Information Technology, Computer Related, Telecommunications, Media/Entertainment, Electronic, Advance Material, Biotechnology/Life Sciences.

ADP Capital team:
Our team comprises of talented and dynamic professionals with substantial experience.
Nick Evdokimov
Strategic Advisor

Daleri Nasibi
Hasnah Ismail
Government Relations
Shahril Anwar Mohd Yunos
Advisory Board
Nazir Abdul Rahman
Advisory Board
Tatiana Myles
Head of Startup Relations
Artem Fedula
Head of Operations
Alex Krasnikov
Project Manager
Hizir Aslam
Project Manager
Pawel Netreba
Vlad Shchetinin
Head of Sales
ADP Capital associates and advisors:
Nik Naharudin bin Mohd Nasir
Head, IHLs Development, Malayisia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC)
Dato' Hj. Suhaimi bin Hj. Yacob
President, Malaysian Entrepreneurs Council
Prof. Dr. Arham bin Abdullah
Director, Industry Relations Division, Ministry of Higher Education
Jasmani Abbas
Managing Director, Intrasys
Rafidei Mohamad
Deputy Dean IIIP, Universiti Kuala Lumpur
Muhamad Alif bin Musbri
Assistant Director, Planning and Corporate Communications Division, Malaysian Administrative Modernisation and Management Planning Unit (MAMPU)
Raja Mazhar Mohar bin Tun Raja Mohar
Chairman, Malaysian Infocomm Foundation
ADP Capital partners, associates and advisors
We work with many key players in the industry to provide a wide range of services and advisory support.
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